Mar 06 2014

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PhD Student

1. Yuanita Noya, “Flow pattern circulation and sediment transport in Ambon Bay” (2012 – present)

2. Maxi Parengkuan, “Anthropogenic carbon budget in the Indonesian Throughflow Regime”, (Graduated on 2013)

3. Ali Arman, “Investigating climate change according to stable isotope proxy (18O and 13C) and ratio Sr/Ca in the coral reef”, (Graduated on 2014)


Master Student

1. Afdal,” Air-sea CO2 exchange in the coastal seas; case study on Nasik Strait-Belitung and estuarine waters of Donan River-Cilacap” (graduated on 2011)

2. Putri Suciati, “Air-sea CO2 exchange over the Indonesian Seas”, (Bandung Institute of Technology-Indonesia) (graduated on 2011)

3. Kaharuddin, “Nutrient flux and chlorophyll a profile related with mixing processes in Dewakang sill, Makassar Strait”, (graduated on 2013)

4. Anna Ida Sunaryo P., “Nutrient bioturbation of benthic biota around Mangrove sedimen”, (graduated on 2011)

5. Asep. “Modeling tidal circulation in Raja Ampat waters”, (2013 – present)


Undergraduate Student

1. Olivier Yonathan, ” Modeling tidal circulation in Bone Bay using two-dimensional hydrodynamic model”, (graduated on 2012)

2. Erlan Nurcahya Putra, “Modeling euthropication in Jakarta Bay using depth averaged approachment”, (graduated on 2012)

3. Kemal Idris, “Carbon uptake by marine alge in the bio-reactor”, (graduated on 2012)

4. Krisdiantoro, “Oil spill modeling around northern coast of Java”, (graduated on 2012)

5. Nabil, “MJO Events in the Indonesian seas”, (graduated on 2014).

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